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X Paintball Things To Look For When Booking At A Paintball Fields

Watch Out For Hidden Costs
  • Are you charged an entry fee
  • Are you charged for gas/air refills on your rentals
  • Are you allowed to bring your own food and drinks
  • Check the amount of paintballs you are getting for their rate
  • Check the cost for extra paintballs

Field Safety
  • Make sure the field is not a fly by night
  • Make sure there is always a field marshal on the field
  • Make sure the field marshal has experience dealing with groups and children
  • Make sure there are strict safety codes enforced on the field
  • Make sure they do not take under aged player (Under 10). Safety should be their number one priority
  • For bookings, make sure your group is not mixed with other groups. Your group may end up playing against pro's which may ruin your experience

Field And Games
  • Check the game types that are played
  • Check the field types

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