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Stop your paintball mask fogging up
  • After cleaning your mask, make a mixture of 1:10 washing up liquid and water. Wipe the inside of your mask with this and no more fogging up!
  • It is helpful to take a small spray bottle with this mixture when you go and play just in case you fog up while playing
  • Try breathing down out of the bottom of the mask to stop the hot air fogging up the mask
  • Try and keep your hair out of the mask as this fogs it up
  • NB. Please check if you can use washing up liquid on the plastic of your mask as it may cloud some plastics

Cleaning your paintball marker
  • It is important to do a basic clean of your marker after each session as some paint damages the paint work
  • All you need is marker oil, warm water, a cloth and a tooth brush
  • Strip your marker down removing the barrel, hopper and gas cylinder
  • Wipe down the marker with a warm damp cloth
  • Use a damp toothbrush to clean the hard to reach places
  • Rinse the barrel and hopper with warm water (only do the hopper this way if it is not electronic)
  • Use your squeegee to clean out the barrel
  • Dry off the marker, barrel and hopper with a towel
  • Oil all o-rings etc as instructed by your marker user manual
  • Once every 3 months, depending how often your marker is used, you should strip down your marker and clean all the inside mechanics
  • Follow your marker user manual as each marker is different

Paintballs storage and care
  • Paintballs should be stored in a dry area, out of direct sunlight.
  • Kept between 20°C and 26°C

Some interesting points on paintballs
  • Paintballs are filled with a mixture of Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, colour dye and sometimes a little wax
  • It is the Propylene Glycol that gives the paintballs the bad taste
  • Paintball’s optimal speed is between 280 and 290fps so chrono-ing your marker higher is not going to help
  • Freezing paintballs also does not work as they become dimpled and will not shoot in a straight line

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