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X Paintball Tac Cap / Mag Fed

Tac Cap / Mag Fed at X Paintball
  • Every first and third Sunday of the month.
  • Times: 9:00-12:30
  • Age: 16 or older, unless invited
  • Own markers only, no rentals
  • No bounce vests
  • Markers must be mag fed, tac cap or have a hopper with a max capacity of 50.
  • Games are scenario based.
  • Games have limited ammo.
  • Games are very tactical and aimed at more advanced players.
  • Game rules are made to try and make the scenario as life like as possible.
Tac Cap / Mag Fed Rules
These may change according to the game.
Team Rules
  • Players may use communication devices
  • Players must adhere to all field safety rules
Clothing Restrictions
  • No bounce vests
  • Padding: Vests, rigs, harnesses, pouches, etc may not be constructed in such a way as to constitute extra padding
  • Clothes may not be excessively baggy
  • Clothing may not be made of impact absorbent material
  • Sensitive areas are exempt from the rules regarding extra padding.
  • Clothing colour must not cause confusion to teams and marshals
  • Masks must be approved by field owner
  • Gilly suits may be worn
Paintball Restrictions
  • No First Strike may be used on the field
  • Paintball used must be approved by field owner
  • Paint needs to be .68cal
Weapon Restrictions
  • Each player may carry a main marker, side arm and knife
Marker Rules
  • Hoppers are not allowed to hold more than 50 paintballs
  • Marker to be 280FPS or less
Side Arms
  • Side arm to be 280FPS or less
  • Knives must be made of rubber or plastic
  • All knives must be approved by the field owner
  • Knives may not be thrown at players
  • Knives may not be used in a stabbing, slicing or hitting manner
Special Weapons (eg: mines, trip wire detonators, claymores or similar)
  • All SW's must be approved by field owner
  • SW's must be deployed after the start of each game
  • SW's must be removed after each game
  • Respawn, elimination and medic rules will change from game to game
  • A hit on a weapon (marker, side arm or knife) will render it useless and must have a barrel sock put on it. A side arms holster counts as part of the weapon if it is holstered. This does not count as a hit.
  • If you know the paintball hit you, take the hit even if it did not break.
  • If you are in doubt about a hit, take your hit.
  • If hit, put your band on to show you are out. No band means you are still in play and will be engaged. You are not allowed to move until your band is on.
  • If wearing a Gilly Suit a hit anywhere on the suit counts no matter if it breaks or not.
  • If you are touched by an enemy's knife it counts as a kill and you must respawn.
Medic rules
  • Medics if hit need to respawn at a designated spot
  • Rope system applies. (The medic needs to tie a knot on your piece of rope) Number of revivals will depend on game played.
  • If the game is not an elimination and your allotted medic revivals have been used you need to respawn
  • A player shot in the head or body can't be revived and needs to respawn
  • A player has a choice of respawning or being healed by the medic.
  • If a player wishes to be healed they must put on an orange band. He may not engage or talk until the band is on.
  • If a player then decides to respawn they must change their band to a yellow death band
  • A person with an orange band on can be shot again then must respawn
  • A person with an orange band on may use their side arm and may talk
  • A person with an orange band on may not move but must sit down where they were shot even if its in the open.
  • A person with an orange band on may be dragged to safety by any one on their squad.
  • Respawn areas will assigned at the beginning of each game
  • Each respawn area will have a timer. When you reach the respawn area you may start the timer.
  • Once the alloted time has passed you may re-join the game.
  • If other players come to respawn before the first person waiting to respawns allotted time expires they will respawn into the game when the first persons time expires. (These players need to have touched the timer, if they don't touch the timer before it runs out they need to restart the time and wait the alloted time.)
  • Remember to remove band after respawning, if you don't you need to go respawn again

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