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Six of the best paintball fields in South Africa

X Paintball is one of the few places that offer scenario paintball with an interesting variety of fields. Marshals provide scenarios and missions to eradicate the boredom of shoot-'em-up paintballing, allowing you to test your strategic and leadership skills.

Take your pick from the fields, or play across all of them at once.

- Getaway Magazine
What an amazing round of paintball!

This was by far the best organized fun on a great paintball field. I could easily recommend you as one or if not the best paintball course in SA. Well done and we will see you many many more times......

- S Farrell
I am one of the blokes that played Airsoft at your field Saturday and would like to commend you on an excellent field and facilities!!!

I was a Commissioned officer in the SAPS, in the field of Tactical and Operations training for special Operations group and found the combination of urban and rural very refreshing.

The combination that makes your field unique is very lacking at other facilities (the construction of the structures are very authentic and reminded me of four deployments that I was involved in).

- C Blatherwick

Meetup's First Timers Outing

Big thanks to Alistair & the staff at Xpaintball for such a fabulous event for Meetup's First Timers! No one quite knew what to expect but was such a super fun experience for all 14 of us. We didn't really know about markers or boiler suites & had never even shot at anything before! But that didn't stop endless rounds of paintballs flying fast & furiously.

Thanks so much Alistair for making the games & scenarios so easy to understand & great fun to play. Our two teams really got into the action & loved hunting each other down! Super exciting planning strategies together to take out the other team & weighing up pros & cons of different warfare!! The field itself had great hiding spots in the forest, including high towers that gave great protection & vantage points, and the houses were awesome to sneak in & out of.

Thank you for making our event such a success, from all the info on xpaintball site to the quick & easy booking to the beautiful lunch area & of course your patience with the endless questions we asked. Wonderful to deal with such a professional, organised team & still feel so at ease, at home & in such good hands. What a memorable experience too, as we have been reliving the day through the great action shots you took & comparing best bruises!! Everyone rated the event 5/5 & have already been asking when we're going to do that again! Word has spread, so be prepared for a bigger group next time!

- Claudi Devine

Tac Cap / Open Dates


One of the 6 best fields in SA
- Getaway Magazine
Wonderful to deal with such a professional, organised company.
- C Devine
I would like to commend you on an excellent field and facilities!!!
- C Blatherwick
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